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Dark Wood Floor

               Flooring FAQs

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Shopping for flooring is an experience. There’s a touch and feel to it. How soft a carpet is won’t come across in an online photo. Textures, colors variations and shading can all appear differently online. Plus, to really understand the wealth of flooring options out there, you need to visit our 40,000-square foot flooring superstore. You will truly feel like you’ve seen it all before making the all-important decision of putting new flooring in your home.

What are some of the top flooring trends you’re seeing in the market?

Carpet sales have been down across the board—people are putting less wall-to-wall in and more inclined to use hard surfaces and accent with area rugs instead. The past 5 years or so, grays and dark washes have been big but today trends are moving towards rustic whitewash or light oak.

What’s the best flooring option for kids? Pets? Highly-trafficked areas?

There are multiple options for any of these scenarios. The best way to figure out the flooring that will fit your lifestyle is to come in to the store and chat with one of our flooring consultants. They have vast experience with all types of flooring and will be able to recommend exactly what fits your specific needs—whether it be budget, kids, pets, or more.

Thoughts on buying online versus in-store?

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